Ultratec faceting machine

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Ultratec faceting machine

You can generate forms of impressive intricacy—or works of intriguing simplicity — bringing you the satisfaction of artistic accomplishment. This system is for the experienced faceter who wants to move on to the challenge of fantasy designs. Your finished stones may be intended for use in jewelry — interesting and unique concave cuts for rings, perhaps with unique added features, or, at a larger size and complexity, pendants for necklaces or earrings.

Often, they will remain as displayed geometric sculptures, consisting of interesting shapes and reflections.

Your current V2 or V5 Faceting Mast as shown in the photo belowprovides Z vertical positioning and angular indexing — with their fine adjustments. Dial indicator readout. It does not include the faceting mast!! Tool reciprocation is maintained in line with cutting axis. The photo on the left shows the motor moved to its alternate position for cutting in line with the edge of a saw-type cutter. On the Fantasy Machine there are two motion elements—there is the Tool Drive that provides tool rotation, and there is the Table Drive that provides tool reciprocation.

Reciprocation speed 0 — RPM. Reciprocation is amplitude adjustable, from 0 to 30 mm see photo, right. The sturdy reciprocation table rides a smooth dual-track linear bearing system. Cylindrical Tools — Three basic tool sets are provided — Copper, and Phenolic, and Maple of 8 mm, 13 mm and 17 mm diameters. Slitting Tools — Two basic tool sets are provided — 60 degrees and 45 degrees — copper and phenolic.

Things to think about…. Sooner or later—and almost inevitably — you will be drawn to detail enhancements that are steps in the direction of Fantasy cutting. A search on the Internet will provide many accomplishable ideas—still pretty close to your old friend, faceting. As you move on to Fantasy cutting — the level of challenge goes up.

Faceting Accessories

You will quickly develop understanding of the various different setting capabilities — finding the freedom they give you — appreciating the repeatability of settings. Description Additional information Product Description Your finished stones may be intended for use in jewelry — interesting and unique concave cuts for rings, perhaps with unique added features, or, at a larger size and complexity, pendants for necklaces or earrings.

Independent motors and speed controls. You may also like…. Related Products.Keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and experiences, other people may have different ones. I have used all of the faceting machines I review. Almost all faceting machines have some problems. Major to minor, and anything in between. In other words no machine is perfect. I am writing these articles as helpful information to faceters. The more a person knows about faceting machines the better decision they can make when deciding which machine to buy… Information is power.

The Ultra Tec faceting machine is one of several machines that I generally recommend to people that ask me what I think they should consider buying. The price gap used to be only a few hundred dollars at most and I felt that for a few hundred dollars most people should stretch a little bit and get a better machine.

Also there are a few new faceting machines in the moderate price range like the OMNI that should be considered. I think that people often need the option to start faceting at a less expensive level and as they learn and improve they usually want to move up and buy more expensive equipment as they get experience and can afford to. That is how this whole business works. I am not even sure that I can recommend any machine that is as expensive as Facette and Ultra Tec machines now are to entry level beginners.

I have an article and virtual tour of the Ultra Tec faceting machine factory in Santa Ana. The fit and finish of an Ultra Tec faceting machine is very high quality. Frankly it is the best of about any machine I have seen. Controls are clearly marked —. The actual etching, numbers on the mast and dial, are high quality this is some of what you are paying for in the higher price.

These markings are helpful during cutting, and really should be a standard on other machines which surprisingly, they are not. For example, using the mast numbers you can get back to the same mast setting repeatedly with no problems. I know of several well known faceting machines on the market with almost no markings on the mast in particular, which makes repeatability questionable with any degree of speed.

The knobs and dials are all clearly marked and well done.

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The only thing that I have noticed is that the white paint etching on the index gears does tend to wear off over time. The etch is still there, just the white paint tends to wear with a lot of use fades with age toomaking the numbers hard to read. This is a pretty minor thing, and easily fixed with a little fresh paint. But I though it was worth mentioning. Some people may never have to repaint their index gears, but I cut a lot of stones and my machine gets hard use, especially my 96 index gear.

If you find yourself squinting to see the numbers it is either time to repaint them or get your glasses checked. At left is a picture of an Ultra Tec faceting machine head the view is close up from the operators side.

Notice that the angle dial has markings for. And so on. It is easy to get the angle to This can be a little confusing at first but is easy once you understand the settings.

Some machines do not have this ability. Being able to set your angle to this fine of a degree is not absolutely necessary you can get by just rounding to the nearest angle, although it may necessitate a little tweaking to get everything lined up as you go along. One thing that I have noticed that tends to happen as the Ultra Tec machine gets some wear on it is that the spring on the angle dial backlash spring, is what I call it because it keeps the angle dial from bouncing or stuttering, I am not sure what Ultra Tec calls it wears and gets loose.

The spring will stretch a tiny little bit over time as it is used and makes the angle dial a little bit sloppy. This is not really a big problem and can easily be fixed by replacing the spring, but it is a little irritating.In ULTRA TEC faceting, there's no mystery and no fancy mathematics -- but there is the magic of bringing forth the beauty hidden in rough gem material.

As you facet one of the hundreds of published designs, or a unique design of your own, An ULTRA TEC Faceting Machine lets you do the job easily, and do it right--resulting in gems of maximum value -- cut properly, with maximum material yield. We own two Ultra Tec Faceting Machines. You can see the results on our website.

My husband got the faceting addiction too! The Ultra Tec Faceting Machine has truly proven its ease of use and precise accuracy to me. Buy an Ultra Tec Faceting Machine! If you would like to see how easy it is to facet a gemstone using an Ultra Tec Faceting Machine, Ron has produced a DVD showing you step by step how a gemstone is faceted on his Ultra Tec faceting machine. He has many great tips for the beginner as well as the veteran facetor. If you only learn one new technique it is worth the price of the DVD!

Be sure to order yours today! Just let me know what you want from the list and I will promptly take care of your order for you.

Faceting Made Easy, Part 2: Faceting Machines and Equipment

I can get you the Ultra Tec faceting machine you need as well as cutting and polishing laps, extra dops, index gears, a saw kit, even replacement parts for an older machine.

Master Card and Visa accepted. Discount coupons are not applicable. If you have been thinking about an Ultra Tec Faceting Machine, now is the time! A Best Cut Gems Exclusive! Don't settle for anything less! Best Cut Gems gives you great, before and after the sale, service also!!! Join our newsletter. Email Address.If you know of other manufacturers past or present please let us know. Note: Thanks to Doug Miller for donating a large portion of the information on this webpage.

Manufacturers and machine owners — please submit additional or updated information, materials, photos, etc… to the webmaster Polymetric Instruments Inc. The O. Manufacturing of the Fac-ette was discontinued in April The Diamente cuts both coloured stones and diamonds. The contact information is for the US office.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Single Stone Competition Certified Faceters. My Account. Here is a list, in no particular order, of all faceting machine manufacturers that USFG members have found and submitted. The list includes contact information and a link to their website if they have one. Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement. Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Not recently active.

Manufacturers and machine owners — please submit additional or updated information, materials, photos, etc… to the webmaster. Polymetric Instruments Inc. Scintillator 88 Digital. Xristal-Tek F Machine. Hall, with permission. Heavy Duty De Luxe.

ultratec faceting machine

Hall Mark V. Graves Mark I. Graves Mark IV.

ULTRA TEC Fantasy Machine

Gem Master II. Facetron, model. Facetron, era model. Ultra Tec. Imahashi Mfg. VJ Faceting Machine.

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Lee Lapidaries, Inc. The Lee Faceting Machine. KLM Technology, Inc. Gemmasta GF4. Lapidart Table Version.


Lapidart Portable Version. Gemcut MK1.LINKS contact. Ultra Tec.

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As a professional gem cutter John is a fan of the Ultra Tec flat-faceting machine and is also an authorized Ultra Tec Sales Representative. This site is intended to serve as a reference for information related to the Ultra Tec faceting machine sometimes misspelled "Ultra Tech" and faceting information in general, as well as a place to buy the Ultra Tec, the best faceting machine on the market!

IMO Since I facet for a living I have tried and owned many different machines over the last 13 or so years. It says a lot that after all these years I still favor the Ultra Tec.

After all, if I knew of a better machine I would buy it! For a general outline of the necessary equipment and 'knowhow' to start cutting gemstones please see our Getting Started page. For information regarding faceting and all different kinds of related subjects such as dopping, preforming, lapping techniques, polishing and related tips see our Faceting Tips page.

To see the kind of beautiful gems that can be cut using the Ultra Tec check out our Gem Gallery. Thus these and similar gems can be cut on the Ultra Tec given some practice and savvy! And congratulations for choosing a fine piece of equipment!

ultratec faceting machine

For information on where to buy faceting related supplies, learn about colored gemstones and also learn more about faceting check out our Recommendations and Links pages.Remember, no faceting machines, no matter how good, will work as well as your eyes. Part 2 covers Chapters 2, 3, and 4. These chapters cover the faceting machines and other equipment beginners need to get started.

The International Gem Society thanks Mr. Hannam for permission to post his work. Take a look at the layouts of these different machines. Today, all faceting machines can be considered marvels of modern engineering. Some are better than others. Some offer more incentives with gimmicks and attachments. Ultimately, faceters must decide what suits them best. Your main criteria should be ease of operation in the standard cutting mode.

Ultra Tec Faceting Machine. This quill has either a self-center chuck or a small set screw to lock the dop stick in position. Alignment tools make life easier for aligning facets between the crown and pavilion. A good machine should have at least one of these.

The alignment tool allows for perfect realignment, in case you must remove or replace the dop stick at any stage while cutting or polishing. The index wheel, the large toothed gearcomes in a variety of indices. You should be able to interchange these indices without difficulty. If not, beware! With most machines, you can release the index wheel by pushing the arm of the spring retainer, so you can move the quill in either direction.Ultra Tec is not responsible for any collateral losses in which the supplied equipment has been involved.

The Ultra Tec Faceting Machine has a lifetime warranty, for the original purchaser, for defects in material and workmanship of all mechanical parts. Excepted are electronic components, which have a one year warranty, and parts which may require replacement because of wear, including motor brushes, flexing springs, rubber drive cones, and bearings.

If the unit is used under commercial factory conditions, the warranty periods are two years and four months, respectively.

Excluded from the warranty are problems resulting from misuse, wear, modification, or accidental damage. If the unit fails to function properly, consult your representative or call the factory. If it is found to be necessary to return the unit, send it in its shipping container, prepaid, with a note that briefly describes the problem.

Ultra Tec will correct the problem by repair or replacement and return the unit to you. Ultra Tec is not responsible or liable for unauthorized repairs, alterations, or any contingent damages. It represents years of development and research, and it offers the user unrivaled precision and repeatability. The Ultra Tec approach is to provide a design which is direct, simple, and which does not compromise the gem-cutting task. Ultra Tec equipment allows maximum accuracy, brilliance, and yield from the rough material.

ultratec faceting machine

The Ultra Tec Faceting Machine is manufactured by trained crafts people who understand the equipment and the need for its precision machining and assembly.

These people are proud of their efforts. The warranty page of this manual shows the test results signed by the person who performed the final calibration. We welcome you to the family of Ultra Tec Faceters. We believe you will become an enthusiastic Ultra Tec user. Word of mouth recommendation has been an important factor in our growth and we sincerely want you to join that growing group of satisfied Ultra Tec owners.

It is, nonetheless, a rugged machine that will provide you with many years of use. Normal cleanliness with minimal care will give you many hundreds of faceted gems. As with any electro-mechanical device, there can be occasional problems--and if you experience one, re-read the Owner's manual for the function involved, to assure that you are performing the operation correctly.

If you still experience a problem, communicate with your Ultra Tec representative or with the factory. These pages can help, and with one or another of the available instruction books you will find rather rapid success. If you can get some good advice, so much the better. As you proceed, tasks that seem difficult will become easy.

Remember that faceting is a "doing" process. A pound of thinking and pondering will not be as helpful as an ounce of trying. Working with the equipment--getting a "feel" for it and for the gem material, will allow you to progress most rapidly. These are the included items:. As a template for the cutout, use the Wood Base—the cutout corresponds to the inside dimensions—you can trace that with a pencil 2.

Attach the Drain Hose—push on firmly. Lead the Drain Hose through the bushing in the rear wall of the Wood Base or, if you have mounted the Base into a desk top, you may want to direct the Drain Tube straight downand then to a container--a gallon plastic container is good.

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Be sure the hose does not kink, and that there are no loops in the hose on its way to the container—these are things that would prevent draining. When setting the Splashgaurd into position on the Base, be sure that the drain molded onto the Splashguard is set into the Drain Funnel in the Baseplate. To hold the Spashguard in place, wet the retaining buttons and press them into the holes in the brackets.

The Splashguard is easily removed for cleaning—to do that, press out the rubber retaining buttons from the brackets and lift up the Splashguard. To reinsert, wet the buttons and press them back into the brackets. For girdle grinding, the rim of the Splashguard is held down by the Hold-down rods providing access to the lap. When the operation is complete, the hold-down rods are disengaged and the Splashguard returns to its regular shape.


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